Short history

Our company was founded in 1993 with 10 employees. Initially production was generally oriented in men, women and children garment. In five years, given the higher demand for men chloting, we decided to reorientate the production towards this segment. It was our turning point in terms of expansion.

In 2003 we increased the production’s capacity reaching 50 employees from a total of 25 and transferring all production in a new and modern location with an area of ​​900 square meters equipped with the latest technology. With the increasing number of employees we put great emphasis on the quality of human resources, the level of their qualification and experience. All these investments have led to increased production, flexibility and quality.

In all these 25 years of experience we managed to make ourselves present throughout the entire country with our own stores and also throughout our collaborators in Bucharest, Constanta, Arad, Galati, Iasi, Alba Iulia, and othet big cities. 

During this time we have built a special relationship with our partners, we continuously ask for feedback from the final customers, so that we can adjust and improve our performance continuously and our customers to be satisfied every time.

Diasim Style’s products are for all men regardless of particular domains, even if they are businessmen or those who want an elegant clothing for an event or a special occasion.

Diasim Style’s production is 90% for internal market, the remaining of 10% being represented by the LOHN production for prestigious companies from Italy, England or Germany.

Our products offer customer quality guarantee, with accessible purchase price, so that you will be easily convinced in buying one or more of Diasim Style’s products.